As an independent, family-owned company, we are committed to passing on our passion through a free, daring, and committed vision. For four generations, our company, located in the heart of the Haut-Jura Natural Park, the cradle of French eyewear, has created millions of eyeglasses. For over 140 years, our legacy, passion, and eyewear know-how have set the standard for fashion trends in optical. We demand the best from our products; all our creations are the result of meticulous work in the design, manufacturing, and choice of materials we use. Independent and atypical, our design center develops exceptional glasses that reveal the uniqueness of each person.

Inspiration at the tip of the pencil

The first features of MOREL eyewear are born in the minds of our designers. When it comes to imagining the next pair of glasses, creative freedom is critical! MOREL has created the largest eyewear design center in France, where designers, colorists, and graphic artists work hand in hand to create more than 700 models per year.  

A work of experts

Valérie Prillard, MOREL's prototypist and the first woman to obtain the prestigious title of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in eyewear, examines the Design Center’s drawings. With great dexterity and expertise, she creates real-size frame prototypes, as faithfully as possible to the sketches. These prototypes are entirely handmade, in collaboration with the designers and the artistic director.

Quality at all times

At MOREL, we have our own approved quality laboratory, managed by a team specially dedicated to research and development, trained by Alutec. All our glasses are carefully analyzed, including the reliability of the hinges, the strength of the mechanical parts, and the solidity of the acetate. The glasses are put on the market only after passing all the quality laboratory’s demanding tests

A signature hinge

The MOREL teams have developed a patented hinge, without screws or welding, which draws its essence from a European design school of thought: functional design. Nothing is superfluous; everything is designed so that each element serves its function. Our teams of experts have designed this minimalistic hinge that signs our iconic LIGHTEC collection.  

"We wanted to apply this design concept to eyewear with the desire to bring new comfort to the wearer and to have no maintenance for the optician."
 Denis Bellone - Artistic Director 

Recognized know-how:  

Thanks to iconic frames, such as the famous Tydée which sold more than a million units in the 1960s, our eyewear expertise is recognized throughout the world. Today, we continue to push the limits of design by using noble materials such as titanium, wood, and 3D printing. We are constantly perfecting our know-how, leading us to create frames that challenge the idea of what eyewear should be. Numerous prizes, including the prestigious Red Dot Award, the If Design, and the Silmo d'Or, have been awarded and testify to our company’s excellence.