MOREL was born of an ancestral tradition from the Jura mountains located in France...

In 1880, Jules Morel followed the seasons, living in harmony with nature: from farming during the spring and summer to crafting frames during the winter. That’s how the precursor of frames, the “pince-nez” (directly translated as “nose clip”), was invented.

The family Farm next to the lake of Les Rousses and first workshop of MOREL

A pioneer in his time, Jules, at the young age of 25, was one of the first to start his own eyewear business. Humble and honest, he strove to make quality frames out of his love for craftsmanship. Proud of his heritage, He divided his time between his appreciation of nature and his passion for eyewear design. For over 140 years, the MOREL company has continued to carry on the family tradition. Equally passionate about qualitative craftsmanship and the respect of its motherland, the firm devotes its knowledge to designing and distributing iconic frames across the world. Looking forward, the 4th generation of the MOREL family strives to develop a socially responsible and collaborative culture, faithful to the passion and values of Jules Morel.


Jules Morel -the founding father

In 1880, Jules created his first pairs of pince-nez in what was a part-time endeavor, in addition to his farming work.

Marius MOREL - The industrialist

Marius was a passionate visionary who had big dreams. In the 1930s, he purchased a facility and machinery to produce frames on a large scale.

Jacques morel- the commercial mind

Jacques took over the reins of the company in the 1960s, supported by his siblings. Together they made the Morel name known throughout France and globally.

Jérôme, francis et amélie morel - the designer generation

More than just a company, Morel became a strong brand for creative products renowned across the world. That strategic turn was brought about by Jérôme, Francis, and Amélie.

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