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Our Social Commitment

Our team’s involvement has made our socially responsible initiative possible.
For more than 140 years, people have been at the heart of our company's evolution and progress,
with each generation providing the changes necessary to move further.

In addition to our natural setting, we surround ourselves with talented individuals with exceptional skills. We offer our teams a pleasant work environment that provides a personal and professional balance. This includes a self-service restaurant with a terrace, a cozy corner for coffee breaks, table soccer for interdepartmental meetings, and, coming soon, a gym.

Life at MOREL

When new employees arrive, an integration program enables them to familiarize themselves with the company and meet people in different departments.
This program offers a welcome booklet containing all the useful information about life in the company.

Our welcome gift includes a book on the history of MOREL, a notepad, and a MOREL pencil. Throughout their career, we offer our teams the opportunity to participate in numerous training sessions in all departments.

Communication with our employees is an important factor in the life of the company.
Our monthly newsletter, Hello MOREL, is where we share our latest company news with our teams.

Several times a year, we get together during our MOREL Breakfast and discuss a specific theme - such as new communication campaigns, best practices, CSR, etc.
Our associates greatly appreciate this hospitable breakfast meeting.

Sharing our Craft

Every year, we welcome interns and work-study students in our design center to discover all the facets of frame creation.

During these internships, our MOF accompanies them in their apprenticeship and shares our expertise, which is key to the future of our company.

MOREL also relays its knowledge to future opticians; we have participated in more than a dozen conferences per year in French optical schools.

We also provide frames for training and technical workshops and organize MOREL site visits through a dedicated educational trail.

These visits are used to demonstrate the complete process behind creating a frame.

Our Regional Ancestry

Established in the Haut-Jura region in 1880, MOREL is committed to developing our territorial roots and participating in the economic dynamics of our region.

We pay our apprenticeship tax to the Lycée Victor Berard in Morez and to the Burgundy School of Business in Dijon.

All our local taxes have been paid on the same territory since the origin of our company. MOREL participates in the development of the adapted company in front of an actor consumer.

During our seminars and group receptions, ALLIANCE PRO provides us with buffets. This adapted company employs between 55-100% of disabled workers and supports and accompanies professional employee projects. It favors the local and regional food industry, short circuits, and products from organic farming.

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