As astonishing as it is unexpected, the Morel collaboration by Jean Nouvel defies preconceived notions by bringing together two distant worlds: architecture and eyewear.


Jean Nouvel

The collaboration consists of building bridges between universes that do not seem compatible at first sight :

“The key word to my work is elementarity. […] However, it is not because the design goes for the minimum of material, on the most refined expression, that it is less creative. It may even be the opposite: the ambition to play on the material, on the absence of form. The requirement is such that the slightest fault is unforgivable,"

We find architectural and refined lines: two perfect circles enhanced by a radical straight line. The glasses are available in two shapes, round and pantos. A straight, frank nose that extends outside the face, offering structured glasses with architectural lines, enhancing the frames. It is a real exercise in style that stems from a common reflection around the structure, the materials, and attitudes. Nothing is left to chance in these editions of eyeglasses. Everything has been thought through, imagined, and designed to offer an exceptional product at the quintessence of design. 

A surprising marriage

MOREL and Jean Nouvel explore new combination of material. As surprising as it is exceptional, this combined eyewear offers a highly technical product. A metal structure reveals a flat titanium "drageoir" delicately inserting a thin circle of colored acetate.

Like the greatest goldsmiths, the extremely fine translucent acetate resembles crystal while the matte acetate is reminiscent of pure granite. This model skillfully combines the minimalist spirit of Jean Nouvel's design and the expertise of MOREL's eyewear craftsmanship for an exceptional product without compromise. The frames are enhanced with a straight, frank nose that extends outside the face to offer structured, architecturally-inspired glasses. The metal frame arms are slim and straight for a structured frame until the end of the sleeve. The acetate arms are more imposing, with a visible silk through transparency.