Our social commitment

None of this would be possible without the involvement of our teams. For more than 140 years, people have been at the heart of our company's evolution and progress, with each generation providing the changes and impetus to go further. This is why we are careful to surround ourselves with talents and skills that allow us to progress.

In addition to the exceptional natural setting, we are committed to offering our teams a pleasant work environment that provides a balance between personal and professional life: a self-service restaurant with a terrace, a cosy corner for coffee breaks and a table soccer for inter-service competitions. A gym opened in 2022 and offers our employees the opportunity to practice different sports activities under the supervision of a professional coach: a real moment of relaxation that combines well-being and team bonding.

Life at MOREL

When new employees arrive, an integration program has been set up to enable them to familiarize themselves with the company and to meet the various players in all departments. In addition, a welcome booklet containing all the useful information about life in the company is available.

Not to mention our welcome gift including a book on the history of Morel and a stationery set. Throughout their career, we offer our teams the opportunity to participate in numerous training courses in all departments. Communication with our employees is an important factor in the life of the company.

Our Hello Morel (monthly newsletter) allows us to share with all the teams the latest news of the company.

Several times a year, our Morel Breakfast brings us together to discuss a specific theme (New communication campaign, Best practices, CSR). This convivial moment over breakfast is very much appreciated, as it allows us to convey the main messages and orientations to our employees.

Our teams also have the opportunity to meet for moments of relaxation during our Morel Barbecue or our Christmas meal. These moments encourage interdepartmental exchanges and strengthen group cohesion.

The transmission of our knowledge

Every year, many interns and work-study students are welcomed in our design center in order to discover all the facets of the creation of a frame. During these internships, they will be accompanied in their apprenticeship by our MOF: a guarantee of excellence in the transmission of our know-how.

The transmission of our know-how is a key point in the future of our company. We have set ourselves the goal of systematically having trainees/interns in all departments by 2023.

For many years, Maison MOREL has been involved in sharing its knowledge and know-how with future opticians by participating in more than a dozen conferences per year in French optical schools. A concrete, rich and direct form of exchange and sharing. But it doesn't stop there: we provide frames to schools for their training stores and technical workshops.

Visits to our site, via a dedicated educational path, retracing the complete process of creating a frame are organized regularly.

Our territorial anchorage

Located in the Haut-Jura region for 140 years, we are committed to developing our territorial anchorage and contributing to the economic dynamism of our region.

We pay our apprenticeship tax to Lycée Victor Berard in Morez and to the Burgundy School of Business in DIJON, and all our local taxes have been paid in the same territory since the beginning of our company.

MOREL participates in the development of the adapted enterprise by being a consumer.

During our seminars or group receptions, ALLIANCE PRO provides us with buffets. This adapted enterprise employs between 55% and 100% disabled workers. It supports and accompanies the professional projects of its employees in a logic of inclusion.

It promotes local and regional agri-food, short supply chains, and products from organic farming.