Our product commitment

As an independent and family-owned company, we are committed to transmitting our passion through a free, daring and committed vision in all departments of the company.

For 4 generations, our house located in the heart of the Haut-Jura, the cradle of French eyewear, has seen thousands of eyeglasses created; independent and atypical, our design center develops unique eyeglasses that reveal the singularity of each person without constraints or barriers.

Combined with a historical know-how, the result is worthy of fine watchmaking.

Our know-how of excellence

MOREL aims for perfection at every stage of the creation of its products.

The prototyping, a crucial moment in the development of a frame, is entrusted internally to Valérie Priard - MEILLEUR OUVRIER DE FRANCE - who brings to this stage all her know-how of excellence and exception.

We take particular care in the quality of our frames, which is why we have decided to be self-responsible for the testing of our products.

All our frames are CE compliant and are tested internally in our approved laboratory.

Our quality manager, trained by ALUTEC, masters all our tests, thus guaranteeing the perfect quality of our products.

Our European partners

For this to be possible, the trust we place in our partners must be total and their values in line with ours. This is why we have decided to work only with the European leaders in their field.
We have chosen the precision and reliability of German "metal" components.

All our mechanical components such as hinges, screws, clamps, etc. come from OBE Gmbh & Co in Insprigen.
All our profiles, dragees come from ZAPP-Ferd WAGNER in Pforzheim. Ethical components par excellence since 80% of the stainless steel used is recyclable and recycled. But also on the recognized expertise of Italian partners such as VISOTTICA-COMOTEC in Treviso, which supplies us with 100% of our ergofeel insert holders and inserts (Morel exclusivity)

DIVEL Italia located in Calderara di Reno, with whom we have developed exclusive sunglasses with exceptional technicality and comfort.
All of them work actively to accompany us in our desire to change and improve.

Our products

Creativity is a major asset in our profession and today more than ever...

The challenge we wish to take up now is to reconcile it with the challenges of our time.

A first step has already been taken on several crucial points regarding our products.
> The elimination of plastic bags

> The reparability of our frames

> The fight against the obsolescence of our products

For nearly a year, we have chosen to use a more environmentally friendly, degradable bag to package our frames.

We have thus eliminated more than 1 million plastic bags and 1 million sleeves that protect the temples.

Not only have we optimized the number of our cases (1 model today instead of 7 in 2020) but we have also divided the size of our case by 3 and its weight by 2: this is a concrete point that has a direct impact on our transported volume and our CO2 emissions.

We did not stop there: the cardboard packaging of the case - essential to protect it during transport - is made of recycled cardboard.
And let's not forget our wipe which is now made of recycled textile.

Fighting product obsolescence is one of our concerns. We are proud to offer repair solutions to our customers in the vast majority of cases. If the frame is no longer repairable, we will provide a replacement frame.

Our head office has a very efficient after sales service:

> Ensuring the repair of our frames is essential and is part of our historical know-how

> All components and frames at the end of their life are 100% recycled.

> The frames out of collection are dismantled and reused to ensure a quality after-sales service. All components that cannot be used for after-sales service are sorted and recycled by type of material (metal...).

We absolutely want to fight against the destruction of frames that can no longer be used as part of our commitment to reparability. It is inconceivable for us to destroy products that can still be used, which is why we entrust them to associations that use them in countries where access to glasses is limited.

Our product environment

Our product, although considered as a medical device, is very much linked to fashion and trends. The promotion of our frames in opticians' shops requires the use of very often ephemeral POS material. That's why we wanted to focus our product environment on POP made in France for recyclable cardboard POP and in Germany for textile POP. We prefer suppliers who guarantee a good use of resources and the use of vegetable inks.

In addition to this approach, we have streamlined our POP offer to reach 40% fewer references by 2022.

In the past, our representatives' presentation cases were purchased in Asia. In 2022, we have decided to work with a local supplier (20 km from our headquarters). This manufacturer, who uses traditional and rigorous processes, produces handmade custom cases. This decision is meaningful because it allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions but also to participate in the dynamics of our local economy.