Morel was excited to launch a new concept called Africa from our Nomad collection at this year MIDO show. Morel’s designers were influenced by African wax fabric patterns which are revealed on the inside of the temples.


Over the years, the Nomad collection has been is influenced by the four corners of the globe in search of ideas, and colors. In Africa, Morel discovered new trends by bringing unique ideas and concepts to the forefront.

Africa from Morel’s Nomad Collection was made for those in search of fun and colorful frames.


Wax fabrics of West Africa have caught the eyes of Morel’s designers for encouragement when designing this concept. Due to the development of local trends, it is now possible to bring individual cultures into the fashion spotlight. Experts in international style, Morel’s design team are always on the lookout for new ideas.

Motifs wax

Due to the high expectations for this concept, Morel’s design team needed to work hard on how these complex patterns will be a good fit for the collection. In order to achieve this, the designers took three important factors into consideration.
First, the style was to be based on their influenced from African wax fabric patterns. They wanted to make sure they could recreate the intricacy of these patterns on the final products. Next, it was important that they were able to express their own creativity to give the Nomad collection the distinctiveness it deserves. Finally, the patterns were to be both striking yet discreet to allow for the original designs to reveal the full extent of their elegance.

Morel’s Designers Succeed!

The intricate patterns on the frames appear on the inside of the temples. These patterns were applied via digital printing (like on paper) – an unconventional process for metal, which is usually colored in baths. It is a fabulous finish to these frames!

This season complete your outfit with one of these colorful frames from Morel’s Nomad Collection.

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