The story of Morel begins in 1880, on the heights of the Haut-Jura National Park: the cradle of French eyewear. For four generations, Morel has been designing eyewear with passion and creativity. The 1880 collection is inspired by the brand’s emblematic models and reinterprets designs at the heart of the trend.

In 1880, Jules Morel created his first pince-nez. 140 years later, Morel reinvented them with a contemporary twist. Refined and original, these frames are the testimony of history and eyewear know-how since 1880.

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This model creates a distinct look for men and is inspired by the first pince-nez made by Morel. The frame is worked with finesse with a reversed nylor assembly that gives it all its originality. The brand’s signature M monogram adds a subtle nod to the heritage of the Morel brand.


Morel offers a feminine reinterpretation of the pince-nez featuring a charming cat-eye shape that highlights the eyes. The rose gold of the frame catches the light and subtly reflects it, bringing radiance to the front. Signed with the monogram M, in a guilloche all around the rim, refinement is pushed to its peak.