It is Christmas Time!

It's Christmas time, and the crazy race for gifts is in full swing. While for some it is a pleasure, for others it is a real challenge, especially when you aren’t sure what to buy. To make things easier for you, MOREL is sharing its love of unique, high-quality designs. Here are a few of our favorite sunglasses you can place at the foot of your tree.



These thin metal sunglasses play with contrasts. A shiny metal bar overhangs the frames to further enhance its style, allowing them to truly shine. 


For those who want a chic look from their sunglasses, this model, will be the ideal gift. Four metal lines are guillochéd on the contour of the face, contrasting the brown acetate scales.





High and oversized shapes are defining elements every woman will have on their wish list. Stars often use these shapes to go incognito, while adding that touch of glamour we love so much. With their sophisticated color blocking and high shape, these sunglasses meet all the criteria for charming gifts she can’t wait to call her own.


These sunglasses feature fine, elegant lines and a "suspended" arch that brings softness and highlights the eyes. Polarized pink-tinted lenses also offer an extra touch of sophistication.


Fall for these oversized, round sunglasses with exceptional contrasts! Four golden metal lines along the face contrast the deep black acetate, attracting light and bringing a sparkle to the eyes.




Ideal for those seeking only the most exceptional products, the sunglasses from the Morel by Jean Nouvel collaboration are the perfect gift. They are the "must-have" of this season. Signature architectural lines enhance the round shape for a style without concession. MOREL offers 3 variations of the round model:

- A trendy orange

- A translucent crystal

- A soft yet bold gradient from brown to gray