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Morel’s story is, above all else, one of a family that has been passionate about designing and creating eyewear as an independent French company since 1880.



With four generations of smart design, innovation, and high standards, Morel is deeply rooted in French eyewear. Rich from its heritage, Morel has launched iconic models that have broadened boundaries. More than just a name, Morel is also history, expertise, and the French reference in eyewear.

Through inspiration and creativity, Morel’s communication campaign has evolved over the years



The most recent campaign highlights the inspirations and hidden stories behind Morel’s collections.

Morel has chosen a meaningful graphic element to represent their new image: the circle.


The circle is a sensible artistic choice which symbolizes several concepts:


the family circle, encompassing the story of Morel


the eye, the glasses, at the heart of its expertise


the world as a playground


With the use of circles, Morel offers a kaleidoscopic view of its eyewear and inspirations.