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Living Coral & Duotone, colors and trends for 2019

Pantone’s color of the year 2019 predicts some, but not all trends for this year.

Color of the year : Living Coral

As you may have read in our last article, current trends lean towards softness and to an almost fleshbound humanity. The 2019 color of the year revealed by Pantone reflects these elements. According to the color institute: “PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral envelops us with its warmth and offers a bit of comfort and playfulness in an ever-changing world”.

So it seems we were on the right track. The world around us is in constant motion. It gets carried away in its enthusiasm and leaves some people behind. The color of the year embodies the very opposite of that frenzy : it’s a comforting yet energizing color, that offers liveliness and warmth in a cold and unyielding world.

Our model fanny wears the 60059m

The duotone gradient counterwheighs the Pantone influence

Hominem unius libri timeo
Our model fanny wears the 60059m in the color filled Playground Duperré in Paris
Beware the man of one book” said Saint Thomas Aquinas.
It is never good to extract knowledge from a single source.
The Pantone color of the year, while certainly important, is just one of many influences.

One of these influences, which has been around for several years, is the duotone gradient. If the colors in the picture above seem familiar, it’s because they are closely matched to the new colors of the Instagram logo (2016).

It’s actually the basketball court repainted for Nike in 2017, it is the Playground Duperré in the 9th Arondissement of Paris.
Playground duperré tout en couleurs
Credits : Télérama
The gradient trend has been around for several years, but has gradually been gaining momentum. We can easily find associations between colors that are rather close, such as purple and magenta or blue and green. But some of them are a bit more stark. Imagine a gradient using orange and blue or green and red for example.

2019 will be a paradoxal year design-wise. A stark contrast between perfect color gradients and the approximation of more natural styles.

Morel plays with this contrast in 2019

Our model fanny on front of a blue colored door in Paris
Morel has already been offering coral-inspired colors and powdery shades for quite some time.
This photo shoot with @fannylbld_ features the 60059M eyeglasses from the 1880 collection.
They are made from acetate, a tried and tested material.

These trends for 2019 will serve as a backdrop: vibrant and loud colors, royal blue, violet and red will serve as a background to stand out against. Living Coral is, according to Pantone, full of life. Make it your mojo for 2019. Be yourself, and never lose your step!