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The story of Morel begins in 1880: it is, above all, that of a passionate family who has imagined and created glasses for four generations. Between sharp design, innovation, and demand, Morel glasses are anchored in a very pronounced accretive positioning.



More than just a name, Morel has the background, craftmanship, value, and ambition to become the world’s leading eyewear manufacturer.

Rich in heritage but also in avant-garde spirit, Morel has, over the years, launched iconic models that have revolutionized the world of eyewear.



It is this dynamism and creativity that Morel wanted to convey in their new communication campaign. More than a growing trend, the company challenges and invites you to discover the inspirations and stories hidden behind each of the Morel creations.

Morel chose a strong graphic element as the leitmotif of their new communication: the circle.


A wise artistic choice since it symbolizes the circular concept of one after another:


the family circle, echoing the story of Morel


the eye, the glasses, at the heart of their expertise


the world as a playground



Playing with circles, Morel offers new communication that provides a kaleidoscopic view of their glasses and their inspirations.