Our Product Commitment

As an independent, family-owned company, we share our passion through a free, daring, and committed vision.
For 4 generations, our house—located in the heart of the Haut-Jura; the cradle of French eyewear—has seen thousands of eyeglasses created.
Independent and atypical,
our design center develops unique eyewear that reveals the individual character of each person without constraints or barriers. 

Our Expertise

MOREL is dedicated to perfection at every step of product development.

The prototyping, a crucial moment in the design process of a frame, is entrusted internally to VALÉRIE PRIARD—BEST CRAFTSMAN OF FRANCE - who brings her extraordinary expertise to this stage.

Our products are CE compliant and quality is of utmost importance to MOREL.

We perform product testing internally in our approved laboratory with our ALUTEC-trained quality manager.

Our European partners

MOREL exclusively partners with industry leaders who share our values; we are able to place our complete trust in them.

We have chosen the precision and reliability of German metal components - such as hinges, screws, and clamps - which come from OBE GmbH & Co. KG in Ispringen.

All our profiles and dragees. come from ZAPP-Ferd WAGNER in Pforzheim. Ethical components par excellence since 80% of the stainless steel used is recyclable and recycled.

Our expert Italian partner VISOTTICA-COMOTEC in Treviso supplies MOREL with our Ergofeel nose pads. We work exclusively with DIVEL Italia, located in Calderara di Reno, to develop exceptional sunglasses which are technical and comfortable.

Each of these partners supports MOREL’s responsible initiatives.

Our Products

While creativity is often linked to design, it is a critical component in overcoming today’s environmental challenges.

First steps have already been taken towards a responsible approach:
> The elimination of plastic bags
> The reparability of our frames
> The obsolescence of our products

For the past year, we have been using an environmentally friendly, biodegradable bag to package our frames.

As a result, we have eliminated more than 1 million plastic bags and 1 million temple sleeves.

We have made a conscious decision to decrease the number of case designs by creating a single case for the MOREL brand. Its reduced size directly impacts our transported volume and our CO2 emissions.

The case’s protective packaging is made of recycled cardboard, and the cleaning cloth inside is also recycled.


Our head office has an efficient after-sales service that ensures 100% of our old frames and components are dismantled and reused.

In most cases, we entrust reusable products to associations that use them in countries with limited accessibility to glasses.

Components that cannot be reused are recycled depending on the material.

By consistently following this approach, we demonstrate how broken or otherwise damaged parts can still be utilized.

Our Responsible Merchandising

Promoting our frames at retail requires us to use ephemeral Point of Purchase (POP) material.

To support our responsible merchandising initiative, we have streamlined our offering to reduce our references by 40% in 2022.

We work with suppliers who can guarantee efficient use of resources and employ vegetable inks.

Our partners create POP from recyclable materials; cardboard POP is made close to home in France, while textiles-based POP comes from Germany.

Previously, our representatives' presentation cases were purchased in Asia. As of 2022, we now work with a local supplier that uses traditional and rigorous processes to produce handmade custom presentation cases.

This conscious decision has allowed us to reduce our CO2 emissions and contribute to our local economy.

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