At MOREL, we are proud to dress every look and cultivate our creativity through collections with strong, complementary styles.


Heritage and passion across the ages.

For 4 generations, MOREL has been enhancing eyewear fashion with emblematic frames that have traveled the world: a priceless treasure from which the 1880 collection draws inspiration. Our designers are attentive to sophisticated details and finishes with a modern touch to delight lovers of fine eyewear. Wearing an 1880 frame is understanding the authenticity of the work of a passionate eyewear maker while ensuring a chic, and sought-after style.

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The efficient style and technicality of the Lightec collection are at the exclusive service of wearers' comfort. Simplicity is at the heart of our designers’ process. They seek out innovative materials and techniques for frames with light, airy lines but absolute resistance. Our signature hinge, with no screws or soldering, is extremely minimalist yet technically complex: a feat made possible by the mastery of our historical eyewear know-how. When the best of technology meets shapes and colors that capture the trends and codes of today, success is bound to follow!

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MOREL celebrates femininity through a collection designed for the women of our time: free, bold, and modern. Total mastery of style and shapes allows our designers to offer feminine, creative frames with subtle details full of charm and sought-after colors. Modern elegance sums up this collection which resembles the women who inspire us.

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Under the deceptively simple airs, these frames are known for their highly technical linework and innovation. Intelligent design, desirable materials, and detailed precision allow for an innovative approach to textures and finishes. Each frame offers an original, astonishing mix of techniques such as stamping, knurling, and lamination. A multitude of subtle details gives it a powerful masculine spirit. The use of aluminum, which requires a lot of technicalities, is the DNA of the collection and gives it incomparable comfort and impeccable quality: strong elements that make the Öga collection a must for opticians.

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This colorful and lively collection feeds on trends and plays with fashion. It perfectly captures a balance between playful styles and sophistication. The luminous colors become discreet when a pattern illuminates the temples or face. This surprising collection is full of charm for men and women who want to stand out with little stylistic twists that are always well thought out. This collection proposes a complementary offer of small sizes, ensuring wearers never have to make a compromise on their fashion.

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Casual but chic; authentic but resolutely modern; the sunglasses in the AZUR collection combine trend and technicality. They benefit from MOREL’s know-how and creativity but also from a partnership with Divel Italia, resulting in high-quality sunglasses (polarized, anti-reflective interior, category 3). Whichever style you are looking for—urban, casual, sporty, timeless, or trendy—the Azur collection will win you over with its wonderful selection.

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