Our Commitment

La Maison MOREL
 To inspire singularity through generations of eyewear  

Because a frame reveals each individuality, we have been designing and marketing eyewear with passion for over 140 years while remaining true to our values. Our mission is to become the leader in independent eyewear by delighting customers around the world through genuine expertise, bold design and a socially responsible approach that fosters a culture of discovery and collaboration.

MOREL, eyewear manufacturer since 1880

First and foremost, MOREL is a family endeavor that revitalizes eyewear craftmanship while staying true to its core values and independence, generation after generation. Creative freedom, industry expertise, and the continuous quest for beauty enables MOREL to create unique frames that inspire individuality and confidence.

Family-run, independent and socially responsible, the company strives to convey its authentic craftsmanship while developing a strong international presence. More than ever, MOREL is committed to overcoming the global challenges of our time.

MOREL is committed to

Today, the company located in the heart of the Haut-Jura natural park is committed to the major issues of our society and our time: see you here in a few weeks for more information on all our projects and actions for an ever more responsible and sustainable development!