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Our Environmental Commitment

In addition to the steps we’ve taken to improve our manufacturing and merchandising,
we continue to implement sustainable solutions to reduce our energy consumption.

Energy Moderation

To achieve our goal of finding sustainable solutions and enhancing our performance, we have called upon professionals to develop an energy audit.

As we look to the future, here are a few additional areas we are focusing on:

> An LED re-lamping of our premises is underway. These lamps consume 3 times less energy than low-energy bulbs and 9 times less than an incandescent bulb. Presence sensors have also been installed in the common areas to avoid unnecessary lighting in unused parts of the buildings.

> Best practices for computer etiquette have been implemented, such as turning off all PCs at night to conserve energy.

Zero paper and digitalization objective 

With MOREL PLAY - a digital tool developed in-house 10 years ago - our sales representatives work exclusively on tablets and phones.

Since then, we have continued to work on reducing our paper consumption, which includes the following:

> Elimination of our physical catalogs and printed newsletters (34,000 per year)
> Dematerialization of our invoices (75% of our customers), pay slips, and our sales representative expense reports.
> Development of a virtual showroom for the Covid pandemic, which allows us to stay in touch with our most distant customers.

These protocols have been highly successful, and we plan to continue using this system moving forward.

Our approach to better waste management

As an industrial company, we are involved in implementing a virtuous and, as often as possible, local approach to our waste management.

Several partners and associations we’ve worked with include the following:
• ALCG: their objective is to encourage individuals in professional reintegration to return to work. They are responsible for our cardboard and paper.

• TEHP: our partner who collects masks on our site to prevent them from spilling into the environment.

Jura Recycling: handles our metal waste and specializes in recycling and the circular economy.

 • RECUPAL: located in the Jura region, they collect our pallets, repair them, and put them back into circulation, giving them a second life. They also recycle our printer cartridges.

 • DECHAMBOUX Company: stores our thinners used for our pad printing workshops and is responsible for managing the wastewater from our ultra-sonic cleaning machine.

 • ZACK: entrusted with the obsolete materials generated from our often-renewed computer park. This solidarity association is militating for a circular economy that puts these materials back in the circuit for a second life.

MOREL and biodiversity

Located in the middle of nature, our headquarters offers a privileged location to encourage biodiversity.

Thanks to a collaboration with a local beekeeper, 12 hives have been put in place. The honey is harvested and bottled on-site and offered to our clients and partners.

For 2022, we are preparing to implement a Differential Management of our green spaces, which includes installing birdhouses and insect hotels. 

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