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Retro fashion has never been so now! For some time now, metal frames have been gaining popularity over plastic ones as the elegant styles of the 1960s make a comeback. What inspires us: Morel has been creating eyeglasses for 4 generations. The company's passion and know-how...

This year will mark a triumphant return of the 1990s. Whether they are hot or cold, pop, flashy, or pastel, we know that colors give off vibes, they attract or repel us, and they are an integral part of our language. To celebrate...

Roll out the red carpet! Between two ceremonies, the stars are getting ready for the 71st Cannes Festival. To celebrate the occasion, Morel is paying tribute to movie stars from the 50s. From Marilyn to the King, via James Dean and Audrey Hepburn, these icons...