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As the end of April approaches, nice weather is making its return. For many, this mid-season moment is the ideal time to express one's own style. To celebrate, Raphaël Simacourbe, the creator of the ready-to-wear fashion line Insima and blogger (@rsimacourbe), shares his inspiration for...

Although men’s fashion can be conservative at times, it is clear that current trends are changing. Bright colors and bold contrasts are making an appearance on runways , creating inspiration from past styles or from trendsetting subcultures. In Morel’s latest collections, there are no longer any...

At Morel, the design and development process begins by investigating future trends in fashion and graphic design. That is the work of our graphic artists, designers, and color designers. They have devoted a great deal of thought to the issue of masculinity in a world...

On Jan. 21st 2019, Morel eyewear was published in a 20/20 Europe photoshoot. Luxury Icons   20/20 Europe aims the spotlight on creator clothes and eyewear in its article Luxury Icons. In this photo gallery, numerous are the quality items featured. Among the daring Neubeu frames, the intriguing blue...

Maxime Moreno @morenomaxime_ wears 1880 frames in a minimalistic mood. Find more about the frames down below.   HIPSTERS BUT NO LONGER HIP   Hipster fashion rose high, crashed hard. The hipster movement resurfaced during the early 2000's in trendy Manhattan. They gathered their inspiration from the 50's hipsters. The...