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Meeting with Yannick Jacob, head of marketing

Hello Yannick, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I am Yannick, head of Marketing at Morel for 2 years now. I am like a conductor, who works closely with each musician to be perfectly ready for the concert opening.

What has the lockdown changed for you?

Everything has changed! I work at home, with family around and without colleagues. I had to set benchmarks, adapt my work routines, tools and methods. But let’s look at the positive aspects of the situation; it’s a unique, enriching experience, a way to reconsider and be creative! It’s also a chance to enjoy family time and (rediscover) my passions.

How do you see the future?

I think we’re all looking forward to this period coming to an end. I will enjoy being back with colleagues!

As soon as operations are back up and running, we will set up a business program to better support our customers. It’s a unique project, which will help us to ease the transition.

Which Morel product is your favourite?

The Lightec 30184L I am wearing… so feminine!


Is there anything you would like to add ? 

Morel has been through a lot in the last 140 years; COVID-19 is one more event to add to the list. Thanks to the strength of the teams and the support of our customers, we all get through this hard time.