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Meeting with Virginie Chabod, Supply Chain Manager

In the summer of 2019, on every Friday, we are running a feature on one of the various trades at Morel.

Today, we will turn to Virginie Chabod, Supply Chain Manager.

We asked her questions about her trade, which is ever evolving in the area, and its particularities in the world of eyewear manufacturing.

I have been working for Morel for 20 years. When I first joined, I was not particularly aware of the Morel brand. What I discovered was the independence of this family business, its commitment to stand apart while following its own values and its dedication to eyewear. It is so much more exciting to work with a finished product that is intended for direct sale, and which can be recognized when you are out and about!

Whether at Morel or in any other company, the supply chain is at the center of the system. We need a number of services for efficient logistics: design, marketing, trade etc. The aim is to better satisfy our customers by providing a product that is supported by perfect service in terms of availability, delivery, after-sales services etc.

Once the product is designed, we make it available to all our customers. Logistics needs to guarantee that the product is available in all our markets.

That is why we have to know today what will be sold six months later, since the manufacturing time for glasses varies from four to six months.

We need to be connected to our markets at all times, adapt our forecasts and take risks in respect of our inventory. The target is to make sure that opticians in France, Scandinavia or Spain can order frames for their customers today, and have them delivered tomorrow.

At Morel, the supply chain is ever changing in order to keep pace with the market. Our latest concern is the development of retail in our European markets.

Working in the supply chain requires much energy. At Morel, logistics teams are highly motivated and do their best to satisfy our customers day after day.