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Meeting with Matenia Chatzigeorgiou, Communication Manager

Throughout the summer, Morel has chosen members of the team to interview and today, the spotlight is on the creative hub, with Matenia Chatzigeorgiou. During the interview, we wanted to know what’s changing in her sector and her job’s responsibilities.

I’m always excited to discover new creative challenges. Morel as an independent brand with rich heritage has always thrived with creativity, excellent designs and innovation. These attributes provide me with the creative freedom to produce great results. Working with a team of open-minded individuals has been a driving force with my career here at Morel.
Now, let’s talk about where I work… I have the pleasure of looking out the window on to the beautiful Mountains of Jura and I’m in love!

Morel is not just about selling frames; it’s also about creating experiences. With a clear vision and embracing our different way of thinking, our new campaign reintroduces Morel to the global market. We created a modern, impactful campaign, that showcases our tradition and core values.
We also invested significantly into our Creative Department. Morel has an in-house printing studio, where our team puts together customized promotional designs and tools for opticians’ practices.

Communication is an imperative tool which faces ongoing challenges in the global market. We are proud of what we’ve achieved within the past year and we know there is much more to do. We plan to do this by continuing to empower the creative minds of Morel’s community and by creating new tools and experiences for our customers (which is one of our main goals.)

At Morel, we are passionate about what we do. We embrace creative minds, and master small details to make a big difference.