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Meeting with Philippe Camelin, quality director

Throughout this summer 2019 season, we will invite you every Friday to focus on a Morel job. Today, the spotlight is on Philippe Camelin, from the Industry and Quality department. We asked him questions about his job, what is changing in his sector, and the job’s specific features in the eyewear context.

I wanted to pursue my professional career in Morez, because I am very attached to this valley and the Haut Jura. At the time, Morel offered me a very interesting job that I accepted.
Following this, I experienced numerous career developments, starting as a model and prototype maker and going on to become Industrial Operations manager, Design Office manager and, today, Quality manager.

I work closely with manufacturing, the mechanical department and to a lesser degree with design. I stay closer to the first two hubs because I’m responsible for solving manufacturing problems. Fortunately, we know how to anticipate thanks to our experience.
I also work with the designers. I help them with the technical part when they work on developing new products.

A specific feature of eyewear manufacture is that it’s not possible to automate manufacturing, including assembly. Manual work is necessary for the different runs involved in eyewear manufacture.

We also have to manage new developments, like 3D printing, which is a real challenge for Morel. The 3D-printed frames that we designed in collaboration with the first company in Annecy are one of the major technological revolutions in our business. If we showed them to people who were wearing glasses 30 years ago, they would have a hard time believing it!

In the end, our expertise at Morel is our knowledge of the eyewear context. But we are established in numerous countries, which also gives us industrial and commercial know-how recognized by our customers. They know we are serious. Also, our design, research and development methods mean that it may take between 6 and 12 months, depending on the complexity of the frame, to make quality glasses.

People choose their eyeglasses according to different criteria. An engineer like me will be attracted to technically designed and beautifully crafted eyewear. On the other hand, the more fashion-conscious wearers will love beautiful / ultra-hip shapes with trendy colors. No matter what’s your criteria, our job is to provide comfortable frames.