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Meeting with Amélie Morel, communication director

Throughout this summer 2019 season, we will invite you every Friday to focus on a Morel job. Today, the spotlight is on the Communications hub, with Amelie Martin, Communications Director. We asked her questions about her job, what is changing in her sector, and the job’s specific features in the eyewear context.

A company owes its success to the people who work there. It’s essential to have the right people on the team and not to work alone. At Morel and at Silmo (editorial note, Amelie Morel was voted in as Silmo President), we are fortunate enough to have a superb team, which helps us not only to move ahead, but to move quickly.

For me the priority in communication is being able to stand out. We must surprise the public. Morel has to turn up in places you don’t expect us to be. What advantage is there in doing communication like everyone else! It‘s much better to capitalize on our difference. It’s also true for eyewear – we need creative products.

A successful brand is a consistent one, with the right products, the right communication, and the best services (marketing, delivery). This is how you get powerful. The strength of Morel is our independance in terms of products and also in communication.

Our communication strategy is very specific to the eyewear industry since we work together with our exclusive opticians network. They make part of it, as they are the prescribers.

Things changed when digital processes arrived on the scene. Before, communication took place via printed items, such as catalogues, brochures and POP. We still use them, but digital has helped us have a bigger window on the world.

The best example of this is the Web site. It’s a superb tool, because anyone who wants information on Morel just has to look on the site. And that’s a great revolution for us. But we can’t just work on the Web, and vice-versa. We need to use a mix of both to create synergy.