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Meeting with Yannick, Marketing Director

In summer 2019, we will be showcasing one job within Morel every Friday. This time, we’re going to look at the marketing hub, with Yannick Jacob. We put some questions to her about her job, what is likely to change in his field and what are the particularities of the eyewear industry.


Morel is an original company, and I like this idea. We don’t operate like all the other eyewear brands. We are not bound by the constraints of a license. In Morel, we sell our own glasses. This means that the role of marketing is very varied, because it is direct. We have a great deal of freedom, even looking beyond marketing (products, environment).There are very few limits, and that’s what makes my job interesting.


Marketing eyewear is very different from marketing in industry. In some companies, our job overrides the creative process. With my background in the toy industry, we had to provide precise specifications: size, color, price … Morel is more like the fashion industry. The design, the esthetic, is prized above everything else. It’s a bit simplistic but our work is more like trade marketing. It involves a supporting role. There is no one department that leads the other, we work as equals.


Many things are likely to change. As consumers change, the business of our clients, the opticians, also evolves. Marketing has to reflect these changes. In France, the optical world can be divided into two, people who top-up their standard insurance cover and those who set aside a larger budget for designer eyewear. Morel is positioned in this latter segment of the market.


We need to appeal to both opticians and their clients. Opticians need arguments to convince the end client to buy our brand rather than the next, given that the current trend is to reduce the number of brands available in stores. Our job is to ensure that there is always space for Morel.


In addition, there are new brands arriving on the market every year. The marketing hub is constantly being challenged. We need to be highly vigilant because changes take place on a faster and faster basis. The advantage of Morel is, once again, our independence, which allows us to react and adapt very quickly to all these changes.