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Colored patterns offer a new twist to the world of fashion

In 2019, Morel has seen fashion trends be influenced by different cultures from around the world. In the past, inspiration on fashion has come from Milan, Paris, London or New York, however, today, that statement is no longer true due to globalization and cultural influences.

Ethnic pattern on the runways

This summer ethnic patterns are going to be the highlight of the runways. Pattern design ideas are influenced from Asian and Western Africa traditional gowns that bring to light the different cultures.

Here’s an example: This antique coins printed jacket from Roberto Cavalli is in for 2019 Spring-Summer season. According to the designers, the jacket is a fashion footprint. The leathers and silks are hand-woven.

At Loewe’s, the extravagant patterns combinations on this dress is a perfect look for spring and summer.

At Morel, inspiration of colors and patterns can been seen on the temples in our Nomad Collection. Morel’s designers are inspired from wax and batik patterns.
The melting-pot of cultures offers an abundance of new trends for designers to play with and allows for a broader selection of styles for both designers and fashionistas.

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