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Recreating a Morel icon

Our new 1880 Collection includes models inspired by Morel’s history.

The 1880 Collection features designs that are inspired from the 1960s

Morel’s 1880 collection incorporates frames that have been influenced by Tydée, a well-known model sold from the 1960s through 1980s.

The retro look has come back in style!

Staying in line with the today’s trends, Morel’s Tydee from the 1880 collection has captured the 1960s era in the frames designs.

Here is one example: Model no. 60072

Attention to detail is everything! Careful attention to angles is essential with these frames. The high-quality finish allows for intricate details, such as embossing on the sides of the circle.

Past era looks look with today’s features

Even though the style is inspired by the past, it still has innovative components. Large, imposing acetate frames are no longer in style, making way for more discreet frames.

The use of metal and acetate, allows for light and comfortable frames. The end pieces feature a guilloche “M” Morel logo, where the temples and tips are joined.

This cat’s-eye frame, model no. 60073, is influenced by a different 1960s fashion, offering a more fashionable look.

These frames are trendy because of their simplicity; minimalism is in fashion.
Finally, the keywords for these models are delicacy, lightness, and comfort.
These characteristics allowed Tydée to be successful today!