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Quality work and precision craftsmanship: High standards at Morel

As a creative eyewear maker, Morel simply must stand out. A variety of factors help the brand do just that, but its reputation was built on the quality of its products.

Morel: Quality Guaranteed

Over the course of its history, Morel has always made the manufacturing quality of its products its top priority. Over the years, that has ensured its reputation for unfailing reliability and trustworthiness. The company’s standards remain as high as ever.

Morel boasts a number of assets to meet those standards. The design teams work hand in hand with the prototyping and industrialization departments to verify the feasibility of products. After the pieces are received, our finishing staff works hard to make the final adjustments, ensuring the quality of each and every item.

Morel’s other great asset is its expertise. With the benefit of a history dating back to 1880, decision-making is based on incalculable industry experience.

A reputation built over time

The quality guarantee that Morel holds so dear has earned the company its reputation as a leader among independent eyewear manufacturers.

In its 1880 Collection, Morel pays homage to that history. It celebrates the designs and styles that left their mark on the company’s history, but more than that, it celebrates the quality of their manufacture.

In the new 1880 Collection, Morel offers a reinterpretation of its flagship model from the 1960s, the Tydée.

As in all of the 1880 Collection’s designs, the styles live on, but the techniques have evolved.
Technical advancements make it possible to achieve a perfectly precise finish.

New techniques allow for once-impossible details to be inlaid. The most striking example of this is the “M” stamped on the outside of the frame.

The style takes inspiration from the past and adapts it to current tastes. For each inspiration, the product selection offers a variety of shape and color combinations. In the case of the models inspired by the original Tydée, you’ll find round, cat-eye, and even panto-shape frames.

Undeniable chic

With their distinct design and unparalleled production quality, Morel products are stylish and elegant. That is especially true of the 1965 Tydée, with millions of units sold.

It was such a phenomenon that movie stars, artists, and celebrities started wearing Morel.Without realizing it, they became the standard bearers of the brand, which shone ever more brightly thanks to them.

These days, Morel remains at the cutting edge of fashion. For evidence, look no further than blogger and optician AnSoStyle, fashion blogger Rsimacourbe, and fashion blogger and image consultant Linda_smt, all of whom wear 1880 frames.

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