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How to add style to your look, with Raphaël Simacourbe

As the end of April approaches, nice weather is making its return. For many, this mid-season moment is the ideal time to express one’s own style. To celebrate, Raphaël Simacourbe, the creator of the ready-to-wear fashion line Insima and blogger (@rsimacourbe), shares his inspiration for three looks to suit every occasion in the coming months, in a video produced in partnership with Morel.


Casual yet stylish look, focus on a statement accessory

With this red patterned shirt, Raphaël is setting the tone for the season. A casual look needs to be ready for any situation; adding a pair of glasses instantly gives the outfit a more serious but lay back look. This red frame from the 1880 Collection matches great with his outfit!

To add a touch of style to a casual look, I chose a color frame. This frame is great match with black jeans and a patterned shirt. It’s absolutely perfect for the nice weather.” – Raphaël

Look: Elegant

Formal style can often seem strict, without room for self-expression. The key to adding style lies not only in small touches, but above all in the approach. The unique element in a fashionable yet formal outfit must have our Model No. 60032M.

For a business meeting or a ceremony, I suggest an elegant look with a twist. This retro-chic frame will be just right for an elegant look.” – Raphaël

Bad Boy Look

Maybe on the surface! The best outfits are the ones that leave an impression, that have something to say. There’s no clearer statement than a black outfit, associated with a biker lifestyle. The outfit that Raphaël proposes here is a great match, in terms of both style and leaving an imprint. The double bridge frame from the Lightec Collection is a perfect match!

For those with the soul of a bad boy, I suggest a black-on-black look. Jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket paired with this frame, is a look I particularly admire. The double bar at the top emphasizes its trendiness, and the complete outfit makes for a very stylish silhouette.” – Raphaël
Raphaël’s style is convincing, as it incorporates today’s trends. For more fashion inspirations featuring Morel collectionss, follow us on Instagram at @moreleyewear.