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In March, Morel presented its new collections at MIDO, Milan International Eyewear Show. The collections featured nearly 100 new frames. Morel relied on the talent of their employees to design and create these frames.

We interviewed three core Morel employees to get their ideas on the new collections.

Jean-Christophe Tétaz, Digital Director, Morel employee since 2007


Jean-Christophe began working for Morel in 2007. He started out as a web project manager before being promoted to Director of the Digital Department, in 2015. He currently oversees all aspects of his team’s communications, marketing, and development. For Jean-Christophe, no two days are ever alike.

Lately, his focus has been on preparing IT tools to be implemented in Morel subsidiaries around the world. One of his goals is to facilitate the ordering process outside of France.

I’ve been working at Morel for 12 years now, but unfortunately I still don’t need glasses! But who knows? Maybe I’ll need some when I get older! In the meantime, I’ll continue to admire our products. I’m a huge fan of the 10113O frame from the Öga collection.
As Digital Director, I don’t actually design the frames. In terms of creativity, however, I’d say we’ve reached a whole new level with these new collections.


Philippe Camelin, Industrialization and Quality Manager, Morel employee since 1997


Philippe joined the Morel team in 1997 to continue his career in the eyewear business. At Morel, he plays a number of different roles. First of all, he provides assistance during the creation of new frames. He verifies the quality of their finish, and ensures they meet all CE certification requirements before being launched into the market. Philippe is also the point of contact for any technical questions regarding the company’s production processes.

He was recently tasked with implementing the colorization process for 3D-printed frames. For Philippe, the challenge lied in having to learn a whole new activity. After a series of trial and error, he was able to perfect a coloring bath formula that provides the same result every time.

I’d definitely wear the tortoiseshell color 10118O frame from the Öga collection.. I really like this frame because it’s extremely technical, as I know how much work went into creating the hinge alone! Another one of my favorites is the 40073N from the Nomad collection. I especially love the style and colors of this frame. It’s also extremely lightweight with flexible temples.
The design features of these new collections are wonderful. The frames are trendy and suitable for everyone’s taste. Beautiful colors, materials, and finishes make them stand out to the crowd. We hope our customers like them as much as we do!


The coloring process for 3D-printed frames is quite unique. In addition to, drawing from the vast pool of Morel know-how, it involves adopting a whole new set of skills which our finishing and industrialization teams have worked tirelessly to acquire. During the process, untreated polyamide frames are immersed in coloring baths. Months of trial and error were required to perfect our results.


Jean-Pierre Perrier, Finishing Department, Morel employee since 1985


Jean-Pierre started working for Morel in 1985, 34 years ago! He began as an engineer, before becoming a miller, welder, and head of production. Today, he works in the Finishing Department and is in charge of traditional production methods as well as, the coloring baths for Lightec 3D frames.

For Jean-Pierre, the coloring of polyamide for 3D glasses was no small matter. It took a series of trial and error and fine-tuning to get the desired result, high-quality products!

I love the color blue, so I would choose the blue 10113O frames from the Öga collection. I’m also a big fan of this design. I like understated glasses without a lot of frills. This frame is done in metal, which I’d almost always choose over other materials such as plastic.
The great thing about the new collection was that it was presented in front of the entire company. During a breakfast organized by Morel, employees were able to see the full magnitude of their efforts.
It was a moment for us to feel truly proud of our work!

Our new collections will be posted on our social media pages in the next few months. Feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook or read our blog !