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Morel Launches 3D Printed Glasses!

This fall, Morel has the pleasure of presenting its new collection of eyewear produced through 3D printing. It was an obvious choice for this eyewear manufacturer from the Jura region that has been reinventing itself and innovating continuously since 1880. The technique has allowed Morel to create frames that are innovative, chic and extremely comfortable.

3D printing: innovations in design

The technique of 3D printing adds a new dimension to the manufacture of Morel eyewear. It allows Morel to reproduce the frames envisioned by its designers in detail, without any technical constraints!
For this eyewear manufacturer from the Jura region that has held creative freedom at the heart of its values since 1880, it has truly opened up a world of possibilities.

The ultimate experience of comfort:

The polyamide front frames are produced through 3D printing by sintering multiple layers of welded powder. The material is supple and extremely light. The front frames are paired with beta-titanium temples that are both light and resistant. 3D printed glasses are true featherweights: they only weigh 10 grams.

A technological jewel:

3D printing allows Morel to create a raw product with a velvety texture. A palette of deep colors decorates the frames: the color penetrates to the center of the material for a bright, intense appearance. The gleaming temples contrast with the striking colors of the polyamide front frame. It’s a technically-advanced yet elegant product that adds style to your look.

Discover a selection of our favorites:

Model 30070L:

Try on this retro frame with its double bridge and pantos shape. The glasses are accentuated with an intense blue for a trendy look.

Model 30077L:

You’ll love the stylish look of these little round glasses in deep, bright red.

Model 30071L:

Stay fashionable under any circumstances with this little technological jewel. The deep black of the front frame contrasts with the brilliance of gilt metal.