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The globe-trotting glasses manufacturer

Internationalism is part of Morel’s DNA. With a presence in 95 countries, the eyewear manufacturer from the Jura region earns 75% of its revenue outside of France.
Morel is always looking to the future, to bigger and better things. Its international presence is buoyed by a strong will to maintain close relationships with its opticians, particularly through a network of distributors located around the world.


For Fall 2018, Moral is proud to announce the establishment of its new affiliate MOREL ITALIA in partnership with VEGA, the largest independent distributor in Italy. For over 12 years VEGA and MOREL have shared the same passion for eyewear. It’s a passion characterized by a love of creative glasses with a focus on design and technical sophistication.

Morel Italia’s mission

The experts at Morel Italia will be in direct contact with Italian opticians to better represent the richness of MOREL’s products and services:
– Its complementary collections
– Its responsive customer service
– Its independence
– Its close relationship with its opticians