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Trendy retro glasses for vintage enthusiasts!

Retro fashion has never been so now! For some time now, metal frames have been gaining popularity over plastic ones as the elegant styles of the 1960s make a comeback.

What inspires us:

Morel has been creating eyeglasses for 4 generations. The company’s passion and know-how have produced the great classics of eyewear. The Tydée, featuring a streamlined metal frame, was introduced by Morel in the 1960s and inspired the designer of Maris Morel 1880 to create this new collection. Elegance, trendy shapes, chic style: rediscover the spirit of the original Tydée glasses in a modern and incredibly trendy version!


The Tydée 6000 model, Morel's iconic frame

The Tydée Nylor: super-trendy retro glasses:

Morel creates a boldly modern design with this timeless collection.

The ingenious and delicate nylon mounting accentuates the thinness of the frame for a subtle and trendy look.

The meticulously crafted frames are designed in the Windsor style, adding a touch of color. This style emphasizes the eyes and adds depth to the frame.

The Tydée comes in several vintage shapes: featuring pantos and round, as well as the oval design which has made a big comeback!

Vintage enthusiasts will love the elegant and streamlined design of these eyeglasses.

Model 60037M :

John Lennon-style round lenses enhanced by vibrant brown tones on the upper edge of the rim.

Model 60038M:



Back to the Basics : reconnect with small oval glasses, icons of the 1960s.

Model 60040M:


The double bridge and pantos shape give these glasses a 100% vintage and trendy look.

Seen online:

The French blogger Antoine Kibler loved the streamlined elegant look of our Tydée glasses Sun 3142M.