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Mirror, mirror on the wall!

The trees have blossomed and the first flowers are in bloom: there’s no denying that spring is officially here. And what better way to celebrate than with a new pair of trendy sunglasses that are sure to impress.

Stand out this season with flat mirror lenses.

The 90s have come back with a vengeance, and so have vintage-inspired sunglasses. Choose to wear mirrored sunglasses, for a flawless style this season.

Creating an interplay of color and light, mirror lenses are designed to reflect the environment around us. They pick up an ephemeral outside color, which is constantly changing depending on the light. Mirrored lenses create a perfect sporty look.

Add even more style by choosing flat mirrored lenses. They intensify the mirror effect and enhance the frame. They will show off your unique style, giving you a futuristic and trendy look.

And they provide protection as well!

In order to offer maximum protection and comfort for your eyes, all Morel frames are made with category 3 lenses.

Our mirrored sunglasses:

Model 3142M

These glasses are a perfect fusion of retro chic and modern style, featuring a slim frame with light-blue mirrored lenses for a very futuristic look.

The trendiest features: its rounded pantos shape and double nose bridge combined with flat mirror lenses for an uncompromising style.

Model 60013M:


An elegant metal frame with tapered temples offers a unique look. Inspired by an industrial style, their design makes them a perfect choice for flat mirror lenses.

The trendiest feature: Its brow bar showcases the originality of the frame

Model 2908M :

Inspired by welding goggles, our bestseller, with or without side shields, is loaded with chic and elegant details. Opt for this exceptional industrial steampunk-style look.

The trendiest feature: the fine details with the M monogram engraved on the front and temples.

Seen online:

The blogger William wearing our bestselling model 2908M

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