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Bem-vindo Morel Portugal

Morel has established Morel Portugal in collaboration with DMDI, its partner for more than 13 years. United by the same values, DMDI and Morel, two independent and dynamic family-owned companies, share a common passion for eyewear. This passion is demonstrated by their love for creative eyewear which embodies the fusion of innovative design with technology.

The creation of Morel Portugal: a testimony to this commitment


Proximity and service to our opticians are our main priorities. It was therefore quite natural that Morel Portugal was born: this subsidiary will be in direct contact with opticians in Portugal to represent the wealth of Morel product offerings across the country:

Morel around the world:


Since its inception, Morel has focused on becoming a global presence by investing in different international markets. It began with Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Then Morel set off to conquer the United States, a market that would ultimately accelerate the company’s growth. This strong presence earned the company « an export Oscar », awarded in 1958 by the French government. Today, international markets account for 75% of Morel’s sales thanks to a network of distribution partners in 94 countries.

Morel has built its reputation by surrounding itself with talented and passionate people. Alone we go faster, together we go further!