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The beautiful month of May!

This year will mark a triumphant return of the 1990s. Whether they are hot or cold, pop, flashy, or pastel, we know that colors give off vibes, they attract or repel us, and they are an integral part of our language. To celebrate this beautiful month of May, choose a colorful 90s-inspired look for spring!

What inspires us:

Remember high waist jeans, crop tops, crewnecks, Velcro wallets, and baggy sweatshirts? These were all must-have items that used to be essential parts of your wardrobe!

And how can we forget our favorite heroes? Their wild and crazy stories and their zany brightly-colored outfits appealed to us because they were so fresh and full of vitality! We all remember the teenage crushes in Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, or the pop looks of Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

And what about those five young British girls, each with their distinct personalities and looks, who made us want to get up and dance? Our favorite Spice Girls !

The pop culture of the 90s is a true source of inspiration, a veritable goldmine. Let us take you back to the 90s with its funky swirling color patterns, each one crazier than the next.

Our colored glasses are perfect for the season:

Model 30048L

Minimalism and finesse are featured in this boldly modern frame with a sleek design. Its screwless hinge lightens the weight of the frame making the glasses more comfortable to wear.

The trendiest feature: pop colors contrasted by a thin colored line on the front of the frame which continues onto the temples. A subtle touch which enhances the eyes.

Model 10062O

With its sleek masculine lines and bright colors, this is the perfect frame to create a flawless sporty look.

The trendiest feature: the very modern round design of the temples.

Model 40026N


100% acetate frames offer the possibility to explore a palette of very intense colors.

The trendiest feature: eyeglasses that transform into sunglasses by simply attaching a magnetic clip, producing a vintage look achieved through a combination of acetate and stainless steel and the double-bridge design of the clip.


As seen online:


The blogger Antoine Kibler wearing our model 3052M