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Audrey Hepburn sunglasses

Look like a movie star

Movie stars, the source of so many fashion phenomenons, have made sunglasses into a cult accessory, iconic and stylish.

What style will you choose to look like your favorite celebrities?

Who hasn’t dreamed of looking like a famous movie star? They are emblematic figures, dreamy visions of beauty, glamour, success, and style. In the 1950s, Hollywood turned many celebrities into international stars, and they became iconic fashion symbols. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Marlon Brando are luminaries of the silver screen, and true symbols of their time.

Here is the Morel collection that will help you find YOUR superstar frames, so you can shine on the red carpet!


Go for the Marilyn look when you wear model 60021M.

Look like Marilyn

Delicate and smooth thanks to its understated bridge, a continuation of the frame front, this model has a unique, feminine curve.

Star feature: the cat’s-eye shape and the meticulous detail in the guilloché work of the M monogram on the temple.


If you want to show your James Dean side, model 60019M is for you!

look like James Dean

A combined metal-acetate frame, ultra retro and flexible. The acetate is molded in two layers, giving depth to the frame. The acetate browbar at the top of the frame front, engraved with the M monogram, enhances the frame.

Star feature: the hinges reveal an elegant M when seen from above.


Model 70028R, for that bad boy Marlon Brando style.

Look like Marlon

This light acetate frame comes equipped with category 3 polarized lenses.

Star feature: the Panto shape and double bridge are the height of fashion.


If you lean more towards Breakfast at Tiffany’s, try model 60012M.


Elegance and refinement characterize this unique frame. Playing to current trends, the frame features a combination of metal and acetate. The acetate is even molded in two layers to add sparkle to the frame.

Star feature: an oversized cat’s-eye shape for that Audrey Hepburn look.


Seen online:

Antoine Kibler wearing our frames 60022M

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