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Minimalist and Futurist: Discover the Spectr in Motion Campaign

As part of the Copenhagen Specs Eyewear Show, which took place on the 3rd and 4th of March, 2018, Spectr magazine launched an ambitious competition which involved selecting 20 well-known eyewear brands to appear in an artistic video.

MOREL, modèle 60032M


Morel was chosen among the 50 competitors

More than 50 brands participated in this competition, including Morel. They were asked to submit their campaign visuals before the show. These visuals would then be judged by a jury of renowned opticians and fashion photographers.
After this extremely difficult choice, a group of top eyewear designers were declared the winners. And Morel was among them.

MOREL, modèle 60024M

Facing North: a fashion video which combines industrial style with science fiction

An ambitious competition, for an equally ambitious project. The story of Facing North, produced by Spectr, takes place in a futuristic and menacing atmosphere. The film features shots of unconventional models wearing a variety of different frames, interspersed with dramatic industrial scenes.
The basic scenario is simple but clever: six characters, under constant surveillance, must change their identities while traveling through space and time in order to escape from some weird threat.


Are you intrigued?

Then it’s time to check out the Facing North campaign!

FACING NORTH – A Visual Journey through Space and Time from SPECTR Magazine on Vimeo.


More information is available on the Spectr Magazine website.