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Morel sunglasses for winter

Winter sunglasses

Sunglasses are of course the indispensable accessory to have when sat sipping a glass outside a bar or restaurant once the fine weather has arrived, but they aren’t just something to be left hidden away in your drawer during the winter season.

Level of protection, style, colour: a quick look at which sunglasses to choose this winter!


What level of protection should you go for?

Though weaker in strength, the sun still remains very present in winter, so don’t forget to protect your eyes! And when it comes to doing this, Category 3 lenses are perfectly suited to the purpose, even when driving. For even greater levels of comfort, opt for anti-reflective or polarized lenses, which reduce dazzle and glare.

The plus factor: the Marius Morel 1880 sun collection, featuring genuine Barberini sun lenses – exceptionally high quality lenses for impeccable vision.

Marius Morel 1880


What style should you choose?

The trend is without a doubt towards Metal frames this winter, with the prefered choice being round or panto shaped frames embellished with retro details, such as double bridges and clip-on like effects.

Where the lenses are concerned, flat types are definitely in vogue, with mirrored versions available for the more daring and audacious.

On the whole, this winter’s trends are largely influenced by industrial styling, even verging on steampunk at times!


Our sunglasses selection

Model 2908M

Whether with or without side shields, these are our best-selling model!

The plus factor: the chic, stylish details, which are a sign of frames made by a genuine spectacle maker.

marius morel 1880 sunglasses

Model 60013M

A new addition to our sun collection for 2018!

The plus factor: the frames’ unusual styling, with the separate brow bar and nose pads and the profiled temples.

marius morel 1880 sunglasses


Model 70022R

Yet another new addition to our latest sun collection!

The plus factor: the revisited pilot-style shape, with softer, less angular forms, a trendy and stylish double bridge, and mirrored lenses.

Morel pilot frame



The favourite Morel sunglasses among bloggers


The 2908M model, spotted on the account of blogger @towardsinfinity and photographed as part of a photoshoot organised by @1shoot4brands


The 2908M model on Borey’s Valentine’s Day shopping list.

Visit Borey’s blog at www.pleaz.fr

Photo by 1shoot4brands


Our 2908M model again, this time without side shields, on the account of @th.louis, who’s also taken the opportunity to write a super article about them.

Discover his blog here: https://thlouis.com

Blogger @mathieu_renard75, who’s a fan of our 2908M frames with side shields and mirrored lenses

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