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The latest trend for February: inspiration steam

Welcome the new year by saying goodbye to traditional colors and shapes: the winter season is in full swing and snow is beginning to coat our landscape.
Cold colors, like landscape, les clean lines and an industrial style inspire us for a winter month which is shaping up to be particularly harsh.


We have drawn our inspiration from…

Pierre Soulages, French painter

Master of abstract painting, Pierre Soulages is particularly well-known for his works in black which reflect back light by playing with texture and shadow.
Intriguing and known for their depth, his works at times seem to capture the lines of modern architecture.


Dominique Perrault, French architect

Dominique Perrault an architect and urban planner, captivates with his very modern and industrial style.


Our star glasses of the season

Model 10048O

A Nylor frame, entirely in metal, with sleek masculine lines.
The hottest look: a straight-brow double bridge which is very trendy this season.

Lunettes Morel collection Oga


Model 30030L

Slick, minimalist, solid: a model which appears simple but is hiding a treasure trove of high-tech features due to its ingenious frame and patented hinge.

Lunettes Morel collection Lightec


Model 60013M

Sunglasses are not just for summer! To protect your eyes in style this winter Morel has created a frame with a unique look.
Trendy features: an original nose piece, flat mirrored lenses and streamlined temples.
A protective health benefit: real high-quality category 3 lenses, designed by Barberini.

Lunettes de soleil marius morel 1880


Model 2908M

Inspired by vintage glacier glasses and the steampunk look, this model is the perfect look for winter. Open your eyes and take a good look at these sunglasses: you will find a myriad of details, a sign of a true high quality designer frame.
Signature touches: the double bridge, an engraved “M” on the temples, metal side shields and mirrored flat lenses.
A protective health benefit: real high-quality category 3 lenses, designed by Barberini.

lunettes de soleil marius morel 1880



Seen online

Our mirror lens sunglasses have already attracted many bloggers on Instagram !

They were also featured in the #BreakUniformity campaign, launched by the Lunetiers du Jura in November 2017.

Breakuniformity par les Lunetiers du Jura