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Rediscover Tydee, the iconic 1960’s frame

The “Little Thread” Technique

In 1965 Morel made its first pair of “little thread” glasses, using very thin rolled-gold wire. It was a turning point for the family business, both in terms of production and growth.
The rolled-gold technique, coupled with the delicate yet sturdy “No. 3 end pieces” (French end pieces), streamlined frames and made them lighter without sacrificing strength. It was a revolution in the eyewear world!

A Worldwide Success

The emblematic model of this “fine line” was unquestionably the Tydée. Over a million of the frames (primarily known by their reference number, 6000) were sold worldwide!
They conquered a public that Morel had never reached before: young people, artists, and stars who unknowingly became “brand ambassadors.”

A Source of Inspiration

To Morel’s delight, the “little thread” style wasn’t just a passing craze; as late as the 1980s, Tydée frames still appeared in the company’s catalog.
The Tydée was a source of inspiration for the designer of the Marius Morel 1880, a modernized version of the iconic frames.

Morel’s Tydée is participating in Silmo’s 50th Anniversary Special Award contest. The prize honors the frames that have marked the history of French eyewear.

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Les lunettes Tydée, référence 6000