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A Red Dot Award for Morel


Morel just received the prestigious Red Dot Award. It’s the third international award Morel has received, after the V Award and an iF DESIGN AWARD

A reference in the World of design

Each year, Zentrum d’Essen Design awards the Red Dot Awards to honor the most innovative companies in terms of design. This award is globally recognized, divided into 3 categories: product, communication, and concept.

It’s in the product category that Morel shone with its Öga Lamtra frame. With its atypical look, it seduces juries from around the world!

Öga Lamtra: exceptional wooden glasses

Öga Lamtra was developed with woodworkers from Jura, particularly in the manufacture of its wooden temples. These are made of 3 slats of tinted wood, joined with a pin developed exclusively for this model.

The pin contains all the technology of the glasses! It’s what gives the temples their appearance, while integrating a flexible hinge.

Oga Lamtra, the award-winning wooden glasses awarded with the red dot award

Carte blanche of design!

Manufacturing constraints must never be a check on creation.

It is for this reason that Morel gives carte blanche to its designers. Thanks to its know-how, the company will then reproduce the frames imagined in the heart of the design center, as faithfully as possible. The Öga Lamtra glasses are the perfect example of this freedom of creation, combined with the know-how of the eyewear maker. A marriage of excellence that convinced the demanding jury of the Red Dot Award.


About the Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Award was created in 1955 in Germany. Today, this award is a global reference that distinguishes the most innovative products in matters of

design. The jury, made up of independent and rigorous professionals, selects the laureates among the best candidates each year.


Logo du Red Dot Award 2017


To learn more, visit the Red Dot Award website.