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Morel Belux and Morel Nederland: the family grows

Morel created Morel Holland and Morel Belux in partnership with Bobo’s Eyewear and Williame Optics, its Dutch and Belgian partners respectively. With an already strengthened presence in the United States, Hong Kong, Sweden, Switzerland, and Brazil, the creation of these two branches highlights the presence of the eyewear maker on the international scene.


Morel Nederland and Morel Belux’s mission


Experts from Morel Netherlands and Morel Belux will be the direct contact people for opticians in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium, representing the richness of the Morel offering:

Its complementary brands and their environment

Its responsive after-sales service

Its independence (Morel only owns their own brands)

Its proximity with the optician


Globe-trotting eyewear maker.


Working internationally is part of what makes up Morel, which, from its beginnings, has invested in different markets. Belgium, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, first of all. Then Morel set out to conquer the United States, a market that would accelerate the development of the company.

A strong presence that would earn the company “an Oscar of export,” awarded in 1958 by the French government.

Today, Morel achieves 75% of its turnover abroad thanks to a network of distribution partners in 94 countries.