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Morel, laureate of the iF DESIGN AWARD

Morel just won the prestigious 2017 iF DESIGN AWARD, in the Product category. This award arrives some months after the V Award, won in Hong Kong

A demaning jury

iF International Forum Design GmbH’s jury is made up of 58 independent experts from around the world. Very rigorous, they deliberate for many months to determine the future laureates. Among these laureates, you can find brands that have become references in the world of design: Apple, Nespresso, and even Bose.


Our wooden glasses awarded by iF DESIGN


It’s with the Öga Lamtra frame that Morel stood out among 5,500 candidates at the 2017 iF DESIGN AWARDs.

The peculiarity of the award-winning frame? Temples made of three tinted wood strips, which join with an exclusive pin. It is this pin that contains all the technology of the frame. Indeed, besides integrating a flexible hinge, it makes it possible to create the perforated pattern of the temple.

An innovative concept, developed with jurassian woodworkers who worked with 4 species of wood. The Öga Lamtra frame is available in 3 colors, combined with 4 eye shapes.

Carte blanche in design !

In 6 months, Morel received 3 international design prizes: the V Award, the iF DESIGN, and the Red Dot.

A real dedication for Morel, which places design at the heart of its strategy. Indeed, the designers have carte blanche to create original and unique frames. The drawings are then represented in actual scale as accurately as possible within Morel.