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Morel has established Morel Portugal in collaboration with DMDI, its partner for more than 13 years. United by the same values, DMDI and Morel, two independent and dynamic family-owned companies, share a common passion for eyewear. This passion is demonstrated by their love...

Bloggers are undeniably the new rising stars of the web. They are always on the lookout for the latest trends, unearthing nuggets, treasures, and other delights to share with their communities. Bloggers are great role models; they're the ones to follow if you want to...

Movie stars, the source of so many fashion phenomenons, have made sunglasses into a cult accessory, iconic and stylish. What style will you choose to look like your favorite celebrities? Who hasn't dreamed of looking like a famous movie star? They are emblematic figures, dreamy visions...

Sunglasses are of course the indispensable accessory to have when sat sipping a glass outside a bar or restaurant once the fine weather has arrived, but they aren't just something to be left hidden away in your drawer during the winter season.Level of protection, style,...